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Dave Pic of Egoscue Los Angeles Clinic Month 4Wow!  I can’t believe it is month 4 already!! Sorry about this month’s assessment missing 2 of the pics… they were there when we took them but for whatever reason when the file was emailed over to me (I actually don’t think I ever mentioned that in a post before, but the egoscue clinic will email you both your updated pictures as well as your updated menu with the instructions.. very handy for me b/c I tend to misplace things!), only the two pics appeared.

So as you can see from the front pic my head still loves hanging out to one side.  I have done some more research about posture alignment and I am thinking about going to a chiropractor who specializes in the alignment of the atlas of the head.  I spoke to my Egoscue peeps and Nicole mentioned that there are some people who have also gone for this type of treatment and have found success as it beign a nice compliment to the egoscue method.

Something that I have been doing most recently is a little myofascial release BEFORE my e cises.  Now you can start off simply using a foam roller, but I have taken it to the next level (or torture), and have been using a lacrosse ball to really go after my trigger points.

I have found that by working the ball on my IT bands as well as the inner thighs, it allows my upper body work to be more effective.  This whole journey has proven itself to me that the body truly is inter connected!

My big discovery this month is my thoracic spine!  It is crazy how having a small inch of extra “space” there effects my breathing, hips, even the resonance in my speaking voice!!

The other big thing this month is that I have come to accept and love the groin tower.  Yes, it takes a long time and for me laying there s harder than doing something.  But the thing is if you listen to some music or focus your mind on different parts of your body while in this position the time will fly by.

Here is an easy yet very powerful egoscue tip while in the tower:

So when you’re lying there in the tower, think back to the other e sices you did earlier.  How did your hips feel after doing static back?  Where were your shoulder after you did some proper shrug and circles?  Are they still in that relaxed setting.  The idea behind this is that you are using muscle memory that you experienced successfully in one ecise and now carrying that over into this new ecise.  In my opinion it is the missing link to achieving success in the other movements that you may be experiencing some challenges with.

Hope I was able to straighten things out for ya! Stay tuned for Egoscue pic month 5!!




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