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Hey gang… thought it would be fun to do a little reporting and invite you to take a peak of my current 30 Day Challenge.  For those that need to get caught up, Check out my last post which gives you a quick intro into the Egoscue Method.

Otherwise, welcome to the new Season of What The Friday!  Note that in episodes 1 and 2 we cover a brief intro and philosophy of the Egoscue Method and then personally assess my current postural alignment.. (ahem more like non-alignment).  In episodes 3 and 4 Paul was kind enough to allow us to film some of the actual exercises that were prescribed for me so that our viewers can benefit and begin to feel pain free.

What The Friday!

PS:  In addition to the videos, I will be posting pictures of my current posture every couple of weeks so that all of us can see what effect it has had.

PPS: Have the best weekend ever and if you enjoyed this article and/or you want to help justify me staying up till 2am this morning trying to figure out how to install the Facebook Like and Twitter Button that you see right below… it would mean a lot to me if you would click on one or two of those buttons to share the word.

PPS:  Several people have been asking me are there any resources online regarding how to fix your back pain through body structure.  Though for many  people it probably won’t match a personal 1 on 1 session at a walk in Egoscue clinic, it is definitely an alternative that seems to be aligned* with the philosophy.

* pun intended


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Mel March 4, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Wow Dave! This is so cool! My friend was just telling me about the book Pain Free, and then next thing I know I am watching your video. So did it really help you? I went on amazon and I saw so many positive reviews but I am always so skeptical. It is nice of you to do the “real reporting” and test this stuff out on yourself. Looking forward to the updates.



admin June 5, 2011 at 10:02 am

Sure did and is Mel! still doing the program… once you start to feel good and realise what your body can feel like when it is aligned you want to keep going.. I recently had a break thru on one of my exercises and I almost started to cry.

I stopped lifting weights and am now focusing on using this method for at least 1 year to truly experience a before and after.. I will also be uploading monthly pics so you guys can see my progression!


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