Egoscue Update – Month 1

Here are my pics after doing the prescribed e-cises for 1 month.

As you can see my right shoulder is still significantly lower than my right.  In fact after we did the e-cises it was EVEN LOWER!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  I mean here I am doing these exercises almost every day (I did them 6 days a week!) – and instead of my right shoulder moving down.. my left shoulder does.

Turns out both of my shoulders are/were pretty “stuck” so even though the right one, which was lower looked ok compared to my left.. it was also had a long way to go.  It is so crazy how conditioned I have become to just accept tension that I did not even realize how much restriction I had until doing these movements.

So… my hope is that as the months go on and as we continue to change up the menu, my left should will follow suit and release as well.

My menu also included the supine grown stretch (sexy huh?) – basically you are holding this position for a pretty long time.. so for the peeps that are doing this I can recommend a few tips (actually this applies for most of the e-cises):

  1. passive activities are great to help keep you sane.. things like the radio, and audio book, podcasts, pandora and even watching TV (as long as the TV is angled properly)
  2. you can also do interactive activities too like using a bluetooth headset and calling a friend. However, I must say that this does take away from the e-cises b/c there is a lot going on while you’re in these positions (focusing on hips, breathing, intention, letting go, etc)..
  3. a nice mix that has been working for me is that 4 or 5 days a week I do passive stuff like listen to the radio, 1 day I will do phone calls, and 1 day a week I will shut everything off, turn the lights out, light a candle and completely focus on the menu.
  4. hope these tips help.

Final insight for this month, is that other parts of your body may need to be released first before the main pain/structure gets corrected.  For me it has been all aobut my feet and ankles!!  I had no idea that these were problem areas as I cam in to help with upper back pain.  Well after these e-cises I feel like my feet have stretched.. as in grown!

If you have even been to a rolfer you will know what I mean.. but this is all from internal stimulus!

As for my pics.. yes I still have a long way to go, but this month gave me enough satisfaction in how I feel that I am motivated enough to continue into month 2.

See you next month!


PS:  Several people have been asking me are there any resources online regarding how to fix your back pain through body structure.  Though for many  people it probably won’t match a personal 1 on 1 session at a walk in Egoscue clinic, it is definitely an alternative that seems to be aligned* with the philosophy.

* pun intended

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