Egoscue Update – Month 2

Here are my pics after doing the prescribed e-cises for (almost) 2 months.

Egoscue Update

Month 2


This month’s check in had to be cut form 4 weeks to 3 b/c I was headed to NY for my niece’s 1 year old birthday party (and a bachelor party in Puerto Rico).

Because I was traveling and would be out of my natural schedule, Paul designed a smaller menu for me this month.  The focus is working on my Thoracic spine (the upper spine), and working on aligning my ankle, knees, and hips.  Not sure if you can tell from the pic, but my knees are bent forward (I did not notice this as in my mind I was standing straight).

An interesting insight to this, is that I have never really had knee pain (aside from when I was really young and I was told they were due to growing pains), and still do not have knee pain… so I was a bit confused how I had no pain yet my knees are clearly out of alignment AND when I tried to stretch them by just straightening them out more in my current posture they would not budge.

So  What Is Happening Here?

The body works together, so if my knees are in constant flexion other parts of my body are trying to compensate which sometimes causes pain to be expressed in other areas (for me my upper back, neck, shoulders, jaw, etc).

How Do You Address It?

There is a bunch of stuff and I know that Paul would recommend a full menu of e-cises that changes as the body changes, and this is what I have been doing.  But to use this as an example, a particular exercise that I have been prescribed is called the Wall Drop.

You stand on a slantboard (or even  a step-ladder will do), feet pointed straight and hip width apart with your head, shoulders and butt against the wall. We have all done calf stretches before, but when your head shoulders and butt is against a wall, it insures the proper position of all the joints involved while you are stretching the ankle, Achilles, knee, and hip.  Once these guys get straightened out I found my upper body (specially my thoracic spine), magically felt better.  Crazy concept how what looks like to be a simple calf stretch can help with upper back pain… but it works, and the more I have been doing these e-cises the more it makes sense to me.

The Bad News?

If you look at my pics, you will see I still have a very long way to go in fixing my upper back imbalances.  If I compare month 1 with month 2, they look the same… Paul did point out some differences that I did not pick up on until he showed them to me, he has probably seen thousands of these pics so he is a wee bit more experienced. :)

I also hurt my back playing dodgeball last week..

“WHAT!!!!!!  But Dave I thought the whole point of Egoscue was to remove Pain and then Restore Function?  And now you’re telling me you got hurt.  What gives?”

What happened was that even though the pics are not showing it as much as I would like, the changes that I am feeling have been nothing short of incredible.  My should continues to “unlock” and the flexion in my upper back feels much looser too.  This has contributed to me throwing much, much harder at my dodgeball games. The problem is that I pushed my new found strength and went over board.

The take a way I got from this is… as muscles realign they need to be retrained and restrengthened.  Before my body was positioned in a way that I could not throw the way I have been throwing lately which meant I had to push a lot harder than what I am doing now.  BUT just because my new body position is more efficient does not mean it can handle the push that it once was doing without some time.

I compare it to a brand new car with a better transmission.  You can go just as fast (if not faster), without pressing as hard on the gas peddle.  Since the injury I have been more mind full of this.  It is also pretty crazy how weak some of my muscles are once they have been exposed when the compensating muscles are removed.

I am looking at this as 3 steps forward 1 step back.

And speaking of looking forward and back.  I look forward to showing you my back results next month.  Cheesy pun (unfortunately) intended.  :)


PS:  Several people have been asking me are there any resources online regarding how to fix your back pain through body structure.  Though for many  people it probably won’t match a personal 1 on 1 session at a walk in Egoscue clinic, it is definitely an alternative that seems to be aligned* with the philosophy.

* pun intended


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