K-News #24

Hey Kombucha Nation,
[you might want to print on the back of already used
one sided paper and read while sippin’ an iced cold
booch… or sitting on the toilet; hey I don’t judge] – dave


Here is a debriefing* of the most up to date happenings,
going on within the kombucha kommunity, getkombucha.com,
and me (Dave).


I wrote them out in cool bullet points, because everybody
knows that things with bullet points next to them are really
professional and important.  :)
Kombucha Back on The Shelves
  • Bottled kombucha has been slowly returning to major
    store retailers AND with the arrival of several new
    companies popping up!
    • As much as I love home brewing, I also enjoy the
      occasional splurge and convenience of bottled store
      bought k-tea.  Especially trying out a new brand!
    • We have in the works a site that will review store
      bought kombucha brands.  The kombucha kommunity
      will be encouraged to rate and review their favs and
      share their experiences with the booch.

    Celebrate The Holidaze In Style

    • We received so much awesome feedback from last
      years Champagne Kombucha, that we are NOW accepting
      pre-orders, to ensure it is on your doorstep and in
      your fridge during the holidays.
    • Each case comes with 12 750ml champagne bottles, artisan
      crafted and custom made to order.  You can place your pre-
      order here.
    • Be sure to let us know the week you would like to have your
      case delivered by in the comment section when you go to
      check out.
    • Also, you can mix and match up to THREE different flavors
      by selecting from the drop down: http://getkombucha.com/chko.html

    Prop 19 Did Not Pass

    • Guess we will not be making any “enhanced” booch
      for awhile.  :)

    Magic Vine Tea is Coming Back Soon!

    • The long awaited return of the Magic Vine Tea Formula
      is making its return VERY soon.
    • If you missed out last time, it is highly recommended that
      you sign up on the “cut the line” waiting list right now.
    • This will ensure that you get first dibs at the new systems,
      even before we launch to the getkombucha.com subscribers
      and the rest of the world wide web.
    • I know a lot of you have been tempted to purchase Jiagulan
      elsewhere by simply googling it and buying from another
      site b/c you are so excited to experience it… so please let
      me assure you that we got the real deal (heck I personally
      flew to Chiang Mai myself to meet with the growers!), and
      it will be worth the wait.

    Kombucha Music Video

    • I am sure many of you know that during the whole kombucha
      ban fiasco, many peeps were scrambling to get their k-fix and
      perhaps learn to brew it themselves… and naturally many of
      those peeps went online to find out.
    • And naturally many of them discovered how cool/silly/dorky/
      awesome getkombucha.com is and became one of our cool/silly/
      dorky/awesome customers.
    • And naturally I used much of that extra cash to make a fun
      music video about kombucha with my friends and for the
      kombucha kommunity!!!!!
    • It was either that or purchasing a baby pet dolphin.  Yes the
      decision was hard but you know what they say: 

      • YOU: “What, that making a ridiculously funny kombucha
        music video is a great way to spread the word about
        this great stuff thatall of us here absolutely love and a
        great way to spend time with your friends?”
      • ME: “No, that dolphins are difficult to potty train”. (badum.)
    • We are putting some of the finishing touches on it right now, and
      when it comes out we would love for the kommunity to join
      together and help us achieve our goal of getting 50,000 views.
    • So when it comes out, you can help spread the word by posting up
      on facebook (ie, hitting the “like” and “share” button”, twitter, emails,
      going door to door, etc  :)  –I am so proud how it turned out and I
      really hope everyone here enjoys it.

    I Will Be Emailing You This Monday November 8th at 10:00am

    • The email will be entitled “The Superhero”
    • For the last 2 weeks I have been working frantically to see
      if we can make this happen for you guys, at it looks like it
      is all going to come together.
    • stay tuned for that email on Monday, which will explain
    That’s all the k-news for today!.
    Happy Brewin’,
    PS: I have signed up for and really enjoying the Raw For 30 Free Videos.
    Very informative and inspiring!
    PPS: * I swear “debreifing” is not a dirty word. (I even looked it up just incase).

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    Dinah Mccartha March 3, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    i think you have a nice page here… today was my first time coming here.. i just happened to find it performing a google search. anyway, great post.. i’ll be bookmarking this page for certain.


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